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Locked out? Assurance Lock And Key can unlock your vehicle quickly while being careful not to cause any damage.  We take pride in our work and treat your vehicle as if it were our own. 

Lost your key?  If you have lost the key(s) to your car, truck, motorcycle and need an automotive locksmith in Johnson City, TN, Assurance Lock And Key can make replacement keys at your location.  In most cases, there is no need to have your vehicle towed to a dealer, risking damage, and paying dealer prices for replacement keys.  Assurance Lock And Key can furnish transponder (computer chip) keys, remote keys, high security (laser cut) and standard automotive keys.

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Broken key?  Assurance Lock And Key can remove the broken piece of the key from your lock and make a replacement key.  We strongly advise leaving this work to a professional.  Attempting to remove the key yourself can damage your lock, resulting in highers costs and increased repair time.

Need a remote?

Assurance Lock And Key can program a remote to your vehicle if it was originally equipped with a remote keyless entry system.

What is a transponder key and why do they cost so much?

A transponder key has a micro-chip about the size of a grain of rice embedded into the head of the key.  When the transponder key is turned in the ignition, the antenna ring around the ignition lock sends a radio signal to the transponder.  The transponder converts the radio signal into electricity and generates a radio signal that contains its unique digital signature.  This information is captured by the antenna surrounding the ignition lock and relay to the vehicles immobilzer.   If the immobilizer recognizes the digital signature of the key, it allows the vehicle to start.  If it receives a digital signature which has not been stored in the immobilizer, or no signal at all, it does not allow the vehicle to start.

The higher cost of a transponder key is due mainly to two reasons.  Number one, the key is more expensive to produce.  Secondly, the equipment used to program the key is very expensive.  Furthermore, yearly software updates are required in order to service the newest makes and models.

Assurance Lock And Key offers mobile locksmith services for the Johnson City, Tri-Cities Tennessee area.  We are a locally owned and operated company that is capable of addressing your automotive, commercial and residential locksmith needs with promptness, courtesy and professionalism.  Our van is equipped with the highest quality equipment, which enables us to service your locks with precision.  Whether you need a lock re-keyed, repaired, or installed, Assurance Lock And Key provides outstanding service at competitive rates.


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